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  1. Very fast replies! Thank you! I will work with that ... wow I have a lot to learn. I've been using my XP Pro key and different "tweaked" Windows images I have found, and I am interested in making my own. Though the XP Pro SP3 "REMOVED WAREZ RELEASE NAME" one I found seems very very good and very small (300ish megs)
  2. I feel bad resurrecting an old thread, but I can't seem to find my answer anywhere on these forums. I'm a bit lost as it is ... the rules here seem to allow me to bring up old threads, and they don't seem to disallow me from being thick. As long as I am respectfully and maturely thick? I can deal with that. I came to this from Google, and I want to somehow use these themes on my copy of Windows XP Pro. I have a loose understanding of what WPI is ... these need to be applied to a windows CD, then the OS installed? Can I just somehow apply them to my current operating system? I can't seem to figure out out, just activating the .theme files give me a colored "Windows Classic" theme really. I like how Royale and Zune themes exist that can be just ... applied. I don't like using programs like WindowBlinds, but these seem worth it if I do. So where do I begin? I'm going to be active on these forums because I think I'm computer-savvy, being a hardware buff myself and custom-building gaming rigs, but I think I have a LOT to learn from you guys. Thanks for the help in advance. At overclock.net we have a rep system, so I'm used to just saying "+rep for help" or something but ... I'll appreciate it?
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