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  1. Nice really mature you make comments and then delete them when you are called on threats...

    Incompetent? At least I can still make proper addons without mis-leading others as to the contents of said addon.

    He did nothing to warrent a warning at all he simply was rightously pissed off that your addon that was trusted as quallty work (as he trusts that wincert people do quality work), deleted a very important file of his... So he posted a warning to others and a quite truthfull statement on your addon.

    It was:

    a.) Repacked needlessly

    b.) Contained Google-ware that ended up being malicious.

    c.) Your post contained NO warning that it installed the extra google-ware when we all know a viable alternative was easily available.

    As to the arrogant comment at least I do not demand respect when I have earned none...


    The "Without Education" statement towards broonster is VERY unwarrented!

    No one needs to earn respect.

    Respect for people comes from "cradle" and is taught at home. But it doesn't seem your case and much less the one of your protected "little-friend".

    Yes, you are incompetent to moderate the Forum, because you are partially. Is not exempted.

    You doesn't have neutrality. And is arrogant, yeah: you can't be contradicted and uses the Status to scream.

    Just I lament that you don't come to Rio. Oh yeah! I would show you what is respect!

    And, in honor to your "SIGNIFICANT" status, I inform you:


    bye, lamer!

  2. Don't THREATEN ME!!!

    I will not turn this into a bash fest!

    My post to you was fairly respectful and I asked nicely.

    The elistist part I refered to was the "Sorry, but you are a liar and was added to my ignore list..." He was NOT LYING! As your addon DID have google-ware in it.

    The offense was not yours. It was him. He is rude, without education and you did not warn him.

    And you still screamed: " Don't THREATEN ME!!! "

    So, I ended that, as moderator of Wincert, you are arrogant and incompetent.


  3. Hi, does anybody know of a way (in Windows 7) to lock/pin the desktop icons in place

    once you have arranged them?

    My desktop isn't exactly cluttered, I think, there are at any given moment some 45-50. For

    the sake of easy navigation I try to keep the number to a minimum.

    When I have moved the icons around so that they are grouped into categories (roughly)

    and have their fixed places, it's easy to find what I'm looking for, and one gets used to it,

    like the layout of ones apartment for example. The desktop 'feels like home' to put it

    simply, plus it looks good.

    But every once in a while upon boot they are moved to the left side of the screen, not

    sorted alphabetically (which, at least, would have been some help) but in completely

    random order so it takes unnecessarily long to find what youre looking for.

    I would understand it, and accept it, if it ocurred only after I, say, change the resolution,

    but it happens randomly, 'unprovoked'.

    Not a big problem, true, but kind of a drag, so if anybody knows how to pin/lock the icons

    in place I'd be very grateful to know how.

    Thank you!

    This little program solves your problem: http://www.softwareok.com/?seite=Freeware/DesktopOK



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