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  1. No one needs to earn respect. Respect for people comes from "cradle" and is taught at home. But it doesn't seem your case and much less the one of your protected "little-friend". Yes, you are incompetent to moderate the Forum, because you are partially. Is not exempted. You doesn't have neutrality. And is arrogant, yeah: you can't be contradicted and uses the Status to scream. Just I lament that you don't come to Rio. Oh yeah! I would show you what is respect! And, in honor to your "SIGNIFICANT" status, I inform you: YOU WERE ALSO ADDED TO MINE IGNORE LIST! bye, lamer!
  2. The offense was not yours. It was him. He is rude, without education and you did not warn him. And you still screamed: " Don't THREATEN ME!!! " So, I ended that, as moderator of Wincert, you are arrogant and incompetent. Adeus!
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  7. This little program solves your problem: http://www.softwareok.com/?seite=Freeware/DesktopOK Enjoy! ))
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