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  1. There are several problems in Windows 10 preview It can not install from mounted .iso need to extract .iso file in a folder and then install. third party soft ware other then Microsoft lack brows capability. battery consumption is higher.
  2. 'BlackVipers' advance settings breaks the installation. Perhaps you select these settings. try with basic settings. regards
  3. Sorry for late visit this site, today I visit for WinToolkit141-15.Soon uploading...
  4. Updated to ver. 543.09201 Link:http://www.mediafire.com/?odip3xdxp8cmw8i
  5. Hi Mr.oguz sorry to late Updated Ver 531.0606
  6. Updated ver
  7. Hi Mr.oguz sorry to late visting this site .The reason I do not update this addon is. 1: Foxit chang the architecture in inno, I am also making it in inno. 2: I am migrated in Win 7 x64 Here I compiled this as per requirement by you in Inno.Association require to open Foxit Reader one time so it associate .pdf files. lacking in silent installation completly. Here are new Md5 File: FoxitReader502.exe MD5: 0c7fb7bf9287ee59d3e5f683ecb50535 6.79 MB (7,124,387 bytes) Link: http://www.mediafire...0smrpstexck7yml Silent switches are: FoxitReader502.exe /VERYSILENT /NORESTART /SUPPRESSMSGBOXES /SP-
  8. Thanks Mona I am going to try it first time. I download camstudio also from your folder. Thank again Regards
  9. @ filter if you have old version pl extract find the install .bat or install.exe put this aside new version and make a svc pack .This will not install ask tool bar and crap. To make your own install.bat follow. 1. Download 'More option' soft search this forum 2. Install it a More option tag added to your right click menu. 3 .Install Autolt soft Google will search it for you. 4: Download win utility latest version. Now time to make it ​Right click in Win utilities installer select More option >Installer Tools >Autolt Micro Generator. A window Popup With red button (for record your mouse action) Click on Win utilities installer to start setup process simultaneously click on red button. In Win utilities setup what you make Chang in options Autolt Micro Generator record your action. In the last of setup copy all script written inside of Autolt Micro Generator.Compile it to bat Keep Install.bat file near win utilities and run setup it will run as you set option while recording. Cogret !You have done . Have a nice day.
  10. Thanks Mr.oguz to remind me.Sorry for being late Updated to ver
  11. hey latest updates Alpha 1 almost finished some tweaks today and it should be released by tomorrow it just do the basics very basics of installing an addon that all for today Sir when and where? Regard
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