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  1. Hola, dos preguntas. Todavia estan en alguna parte los addons que apagaban windows search y silverlight? Es posible reemplazar algun archivo del updatepack? He intentado descomprimirlo, reemplazar el archivo, comprmirlo de nuevo e integrar esto, pero la instalacion acaba corrupta y el sistema igual, imposible de usar. gracias
  2. use jdownloader to downlaod from ricktendo.info. The downloads always stops at halfway and you cant resume it. jdownloader can reconect.
  3. Cant install it on a brand new windows 8.1, it says that net framework is already installed. Its probably the version 4 but I want to overwrite it with the latest version and hotfixes. How can I do it?
  4. I have the same problem with all the files hosted on your domain. You should fix the download thing with your domain or remove these mirrors, otherwise you are wasting bandwith to supply half downloads that dont work... About the framework 4.5.3, there wasnt another mirror.
  5. Could you make a repack for unlocker, jdownloader 2, and vc c++ redist files (x86 and x64)? Also, is it possible to add to the daemon tools repack shell extensions like mount image and dismount? One more thing. At least for me, I had to download the net framework 5.4.3 repack with jdownloader because the download always stoped halfway with firefox. Many thanks
  6. I was looking for something like this, thanks you very much. If anyone is interested I found the Simplix update pack too.
  7. Hi, Im looking for a post sp1 updatepack for windows 7 x64 but I dindt found anyone. I know that there are a lots of them for windows xp but not for 7. Why is this? Thanks
  8. Las actualizaciones de windows 7 del update catalog incluyen las pre sp1? O son todas post sp1?
  9. I forgot to say that although I removed all of these components the image of the DVD grew from 2.9GB to 3.4GB and the windows installation was even slower than the retail.
  10. My windows 7 x64 sp1 consumes 1gb of ram just after installing it so I decided to make a lite version with Win Toolkit. The first problem I have is that it needed five complete hours to do all the job. My pc is a Phenom 2 x4 3,2GHz, 4GB of RAM and a SATA 2 HDD (I mean, no SSD). I integrated 126 updates (almost all post sp1) removed a lot of components that I never need it (57), selected almost all form vLite tab, selected "tweaked" on services tab and did 87 tweaks. The mayor problem I have is that after the windows 7 almost finish his job it shows this error and if you click "accept" just restarts again and again: http://img687.imageshack.us/img687/706/20604044.png English: The computer restarted suddenly or an error ocurred. Windows installation cannot continue. For installing Windows click "Accept" for restart the computer and restart the installation. I atached the presets file generated. 2013-03-01_11-07-57.ini
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