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  1. Hi, why you are not working more with wtk 1.6.x.x ? Tell me if you need help or all you need, I an try to help you.
  2. FIX the link because it is not working.
  3. Hi, why qhen I create an AIO, WIndows x64 install all OK but Windows x86 has error with the setup.... I try this with all Windows, Windows 7 x64 and x86 but the same error I try this with all Windows, Windows 8.1 x64 and x86 but the same error Now with Windows 10. I try With Original ISOS and Modified ISOS but same error...Can you fix it?... Some days ago I send oyu a paypal $$ too
  4. Wintoolkit don´t support Windows 10 - 14393.693
  5. Hello. Sorry to bother you, but we would not like to know if we are going back to the Wintoolkit project again. Version which was the last time it came out and does not support new versions of Windows 10 and versions 2.X there are no functional functions like version

    I hope you are well and that soon we know something about you and your projects.

  6. I have been using the program WINTOOLKIT Windows 10 but unfortunately does not work. When the system with WTK is modified, the system installed on a PC or on a virtual machine and the browser works only in CMD. For some reason it does not work with Windows 10 by modifying it with WTK the "tweaks" section
  7. "tweaks" section no support to modify Windows 10... Some body know about this?
  8. Hello everyone. Anyone know about WiNTOOLKIT developer program? I nostado the application's has begun to some mistakes that I have not managed to capture and it is not possible to download the application again. Nor can access any download the developer. there are no more updates for a good time. If anyone knows what happens has happened with the developer Wintoolkit, report. ERROR I CAN CAPTURE: Thursday 07 April 2016 11:37:48 AM -05:00 Hora est. Pacífico, Sudamérica Log ID: 0x0711D444D723105C62882349128EE10E_Ex060034AD_frmCaptureImg_es-ES_650120 NOTE
  9. Hola Rick... talvez tendrás a futuro "corto plazo" pensado en actualizar el UPL con las nuevas updates de Microsoft... lla amdas WEPOS y Postready ?
  10. Hi, I need change the text of Windows Boot manager of my TEU ISO. How i can do changes?
  11. Hola con todos... Pregunta: ¿Cómo puedo conseguir que Windows se instale con "instal.esd" en lugar de instal.wim? he tratado de muchas formas pero no lo he conseguido aunque según Microsoft, ESD es solo para Windows 8 (superior)... y no en Windows 7 pero he visto algunos dvds TEU de Windows 7 con INSTALL.ESD en lugar de instal.wim. Alguien con alguna idea?
  12. https://technet.microsoft.com/en-gb/library/hh825096.aspx Hi, thanks for answering. I created the install.swm file, install2.swm, install3.swm, install4.swm These files I have saved in my project: C: \ Win7 \ source \ install.swmC: \ Win72 \ Source \ install2.swm + install3.swm + install4.swm I recorded two DVDs but does not work when I install. 1 DVD recorded with the label DVD1DVD 2 recorded with the label DVD2 DVD 1 contains folders including system installation install.swmSOURCE DVD2 contains the folder with install2.swm + install3.swm + install4.swm files When income DVD1, installs pe
  13. How do I create an ISO image using WimSplitter? I create ISO images with WimSplitter but do not work, do not work, I have requested help in this regard but the author has not given any response. Does anyone know how to use WimSplitter?
  14. Hello. I've been using the "Wim Splitter" install.wim tool to split into several parts. Original Instructions: http://www.wincert.net/forum/topic/8876-wim-splitter/ My DVD1 is OK but my DVD2 don´t work... How I have to create the Second DVD to continue the Windows Setup ?
  15. SPANISH: Hola a todos... he utilizado WimSplitter. Al dividir a WIM, quiero grabar en los DVD´s la imagen principal y en otro dvd las demás partes divididas. Cuando instalo en un computador, el DVD 1 me solicita ingregar el DVD2 pero el DVD 2 no me reconoce. ¿Cómo debo crearlos correctamente? ¿Qué debo guardar en el segundo DVD y cómo debo crearlo?
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