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  1. ofcourse students have 2 months of vacation - even longer! I am a uni student - 1st year I had over 5 months break between years! - Finished in March, started in September! Year 2 - finished Mid-May (Placement this year!) were supposed to start September and that's 4 months! I am sure Liam is going to get back to this - have patience!
  2. Yaay, bootstrap! Looks awesome. Over time if you would add some custom styling it would look amazing. As an example, the one I did in bootstrap: http://patlewispt.co.nf/ You still need Home and Products to be edited from the default pages. Other than that, nice one!
  3. Release every Saturday will be better my guess is. It will make stuff easier for you
  4. Nice one. I have just handed in my last coursework yesterday for Cryptography and Systems Dev hehe Waiting for WTK2.0 to be released!
  5. Hehe, its looking nice tho - I really like the idea of Home, Pro - Waiting for the Pro to come out Hows the project goin as a whole?
  6. Website looks nice - but this killed me: <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN" "http://www.w3.org/TR/html4/loose.dtd"> Why HTML4 ?
  7. Found another bug, didn't expect it. I have a problem with USB3.0 devices on the Z87 chipset. I use MSI's Z87-G43 motherboard. Windows has difficulty with identifying the devices for some reason. Had my first BSOD while installing VMWare. I presume it was due to the network adapter installation. I have also noticed, which I didn't before - I can't run TeamSpeak Client. Overall the performance keeps good - around the same as Windows 8.1 - Memory footprint is much smaller than Windows 8 which I found cool It usually eats 200 - 400 MB less.
  8. Played BF4 for 3 hrs today - performance didn't drop a bit - fps are even higher 3 - 6 that Windows 7! ;D I have converted a .avi movie to .mp4 4GB in size using CUDA and CPU ONLY - Same no performance drop. But a couple of minutes after that, the problem returns - Sluggishness. Looks like memory management or something along this line isn't yet fully deployed for Win 10
  9. Hey Members! So... I have been using the technical preview as my secondary OS for a couple of days now, installed all drivers for Windows 8.1 and up until now everything works very good. It actually runs very similarly to Windows 8.1. All software I use everyday works fine, no issues whatsoever, yet after a couple of hours (5+) of running, it becomes a little but sluggish, applications take longer to launch - sometimes they don't at all. Reboot solves this problem. There aren't any BSODs as of yet and no major problems. I will continue using it more and more as a daily driver and report back ... what are your opinions guys? Thanks for reading - Bart.
  10. Overall the new Win Toolkit looks extremely smooth and modern, UI is clean and all required tools are easily to find. Font + Text is the right size for most people to read, colours don't impact on eyes (aren't too bright or dark). Icons/menus are well laid out and categories appropiately. I'll say very good work bud! B. K.
  11. making good progress - wish I was more into software development
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