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  1. "make a couple of the 1s u use but not every program on the net!"...LOL!
  2. Sorry, sathanas65... I opened, tested, re-tested and here works normally, including with VMware Workstation, in t13. And more: the file "mbamswissarmy.sys", here is present in the C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers folder. I don't know what is causing this problem with you. Cheers
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  8. Thank you, LUZR4LIFE... your attention with the members of the Forum deserves praises! Success!
  9. So, said DaRk MaDnEsS ... Our "guru" of the east! Hi jamesbebby! My friends, what's going on with our Wincert? Abandoned ... Ryan's Forum is not so. Although there are a crazy canadian (ELiTE), who make addons anything that has the internet ... lol! lollllllllllllll!
  10. yeah LUZR4LIFE... This addon is very difficult of doing. I tried to redo for VSO ConvertXToDVD v4.0.9.322 and I didn't have success, same following your steps. It would be very useful if you to give us a light for that... thank you
  11. The last version is now 2010 v9.0.3000.136. But Tuneup.com altered one of Tuneup Utilities's best resources. They removed the possibility to win space in disk, eliminating the uninstall of Windows Update Hotfixes. After all who does uninstalls Windows Update hotfix? We had this option ...and now, no more. Up to version 9.0.2010.11 that was possible. Now they took that option and according to several users, it was not good. I still using the v9.0.2010.11 and not tried to make addon for the new version v9.0.3000.136. I noticed that impoverished this app. I'll leave it alone. I suggest to you DaRk MaDnEsS, that informs the users in case you decide to do the addon-update of the new version. Apparently this may seem unnecessary, but I think it would be of great value to all, just because only you worked addons for this app. Thanks. Cheers
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