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  1. Are you also intregating the USB Add-on Pack from Driverpacks.net ...it is not needed & from what I've experienced & read, it can cause problems like yours.
  2. 1.) You need to use an unmoddified clean XP with SP3 ...it has IE6 & WMP9. 2.) Use Nlite to remove/modify the above XP BEFORE adding the Onepiece addon you're trying to use ...if you don't, it will break your IE7 or IE8 & WMP (depending on the Addon version) installation ...as well as causing other errors like you are having. This Onepiece Addon only includes Microsoft.NET Framework v1.1 ...so, just use RVM Integrator & remove the Powershell & it's language Packs or add a Dotnet 2.0 Addon. I used all the disable/removal Addons in this threads 1st post myself since they're not needed for my use & probably for most other users too.
  3. Thanks for the quick reply ... I noticed on my XP install that Dotnet 1.1 (which is included in your UpdatePack v2.4.1 addon) is not (this is what I wanted) installed ...is this because I used the Remove_NETFX1.1SP1_MDX_AddOn or other.
  4. Hi all & especially to "Onepiece" & others that do all the hard work creating these addons & other ... I used the following steps to customize my own Windows XP: - Removed items (just basic stuff) using Nlite on original clean XP SP3 source. - addded OnePiece Windows XP Post-SP3 UpdatePack v2.4.1 ENU with Nlite. - Used RVM Integrator 1.6.1b2.1 with all the current posted Removal addons on this threads first post. - Used RVM Integrator 1.6.1b2.1 & added ...Stimpy_JD976_DotNetFx_3in1_Addon_v2.2 (includes DotNet 2, 3 & 3.5) - Used DPs_BASE v8.12.4 & added newest Driverpacks from Driverpacks.net -Used Nlite to make the .ISO. After installing it runs great except...I noticed in System Services that .NET Runtime Optimization Service v2.0.50727_X86 (manual) was installed. My question: Should this be there ? If so, should it be set to automatic ? Also ..any tips from any forum experts here on correct order sequence or other I might be doing wrong ?
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