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  1. Bro I am using 200% pure and new installation !! I integrated those with original xp files with rmv ! still those things can be seen !!
  2. Ouch ! The Update packs above 2.0 contains many bugs and problems !! :confused02: here are some to list !! :thumbsdown_anim: What's this problem all about I cannot understand !! Error ?? Why so ?? :crying_anim02: Two WMP ? What FOr ?? Two windows media player ?? Eh what for ?? Never seen this problem before ?? Same old story two ie ?? wondering why old one is still intact ? How to say bye to old ie ? used xable and rayaan update pack .. Directly slipstreamed both ie 8 and wmp .. Not seeing such problem with that ?? THe old one pieces too does not have these problems ! Wooo 2 MB Files need 90 mb installation space .. strage .. man Man powershell is only >2 MB in size 90 mb of installation does not make any sense ! The worst !! Powershell needs atleast .net 2.0 but there is no such integration ! Then why there is powershell to waste whopping 90mb space ??? Anyanswer to these problem ? All over too much workdone !! :sweatingbullets: link contains the pic for the problems !!
  3. Update Pack Seemed to be buggy ! Tried to integrate the pack over 10 times with different machine same problem arrises ! The problem is that No Ie .. Ie gone .. Despite of installing Ie8 ?? ?? Quick Launch Gone ?? Desktop GOne ?? Why so ?? Any Solution yet ? Integrating with Nlite ! I cannot understand why you people are using old .net ?? when .net 3.5 sp1 is there ??? Why do not he integrate this to main pack ??????
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