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  1. hello mr ^SoKoOLz^ : i can never uninstall any gadgets , it always give me send to Microsoft error message
  2. thank u so much for ur installer ( in my opinion its the best ) , i tried alot b4 it but i found it the only one same as vista sidebar , thanks again . but i have some problems : 1. when always i try to uninstall any gadgets i always get that error and sure the sidebar closed 2. there are alot of gadgets that the user may not use so is there any ability to make a choice of what gadgets we want to install while installing program ? 3. u said it ur instruction that the app Prerequisite: - WLAN API - .NET Framework 2.0 - VAIO Tools but i think it needs a ( msxml6.msi ) too ,bc i cant install WLAN API without it 4.i tried not to bother u and uncompressed ur app just to install only the gadgets that i want and add some more to install in by default but i cant , i don't know where all that files goes when installing i know some like where fonts will go but not more , so can u tell me if i can add some gadgets to install it by default or not and how ? and so thanks
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