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  1. I was just hoping someone here might be able to direct me to a Windows 7 transformation addon, like the Vista Inspirat addon.....
  2. Thanks, I figured as much. However, I was able to find a great WPI, so all is well :thumbsup_anim:
  3. Is there a true addon out there that will integrate the latest version of .net Framework and all Updates/Service packs? I've tried some of the AIO's over at RyanVM.net , having no luck with those as several others have claimed they have install errors...
  4. I've been using the onepiece update pack, everything seems fine but I have a few questions. Why is WMP 9 and IE6 still on my XP CD? They are not on the desktop, or in the program files after I install, but loading the CD and going to "install additional windows components" and i still see the old icons for these?? Let's say I decide to start over with a clean source. Can I move these with nlite before adding the update pack? Seeing that the Ryan VM pack does not include IE 8 or WMP 11, I may go this route and just add those two things in seperatly... again... should I remove the older versions of these first? Or are those old files required to slipstream the new versions of WMP 11 and IE 8?
  5. I was just curious if someone might make an add on for the Windows XP style wallpapers found here: http://www.x-x-x-x-x.de/x-x-x-x-x.html I'd like to add them in on my next XP disc. Really all I'm looking for are the "Black Styles" and the "Fire Styles", but to have them all would be great as well. I Would like to have them all in one addon if someone would be willing to put that together. I really like these wallpapers, maybe others will too!! :thumbsup_anim: Thanks in advance if anyone is interested in making this addon.
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