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  1. Thank you OnePiece! I was trying to integrate the IE8 addon with RyanVM Integrator or with nLite. When I integrated it using Ryan's tool I then used nLite to customize my Windows XP source. What I was able to see was that whenever I used nLite, to integrate the addon or just to customize my system after using RyanVM Integrator, the system crashed when running IE8 for the first time. As you told me to do, I used only RyanVM Integrator and everything went just fine. It's not working with nLite, at least for me. I tried using the PTG addon that you uploaded. Does this happens to anyone else? It can be a bug? Thank you!
  2. Hi! I tried to integrate just the IE 8 Addon, as you said, using nLite but the same thing is happening, it freezes the first time I double click the IE8 icon. Tomorrow I will give it a try with RyanVM Integrator. Thank's in advance!
  3. Hi! Great work with this Addon Tool! Truly useful! I use AddOn Creator INTL to make my Portuguese (PTG) IE8 Addon. What happens is that after installing Windows XP, when I double click the IE8 icon to launch the browser for the first time, the system stops responding and sometimes - and this is weird - creates a new shortcut for IE8 on the desktop. In this case, as many times as I double click the IE8 icon the same number of shortcuts it creates. But I figured it out that if I end the explorer.exe process via Windows Task Manager and restart it again or if I reboot the PC, everything works just fine. This happens either with nLite or with RyanVM Integrator 1.6. And I get an error integrating it with nLite only. It says: "Wrong pack language This pack was designed for Portuguese Windows specifically, yours is Portugu
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