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  1. Can someone tell me how to change/modify the colors marked with the circles in this image??? I think that it can be done with editing the shellstyle but i'm not sure!
  2. But i was searching for .AN_ and .CU_ files and don't found nothing
  3. Hi guys Can someone please tell me where the cursors are located in the xp CD? I was looking for a compressed .cur and .ani files in the i386 directory but found nothing. It must be inside some other file like dll. I need this because i want to replace the classic xp cursors with new ones in my custom xp cd.
  4. Please if someone know post here in which file are this screens!!!.......(onli the BMP images to change with resource hacker)
  5. I'am trying to find the file in the i386 directory that contains this screen
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