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  1. Cool, I'll try it and let you know then. Much appreciated man. Thanks. Nav
  2. Awesome, thanks for the reply man, I'll give it a go then! I assume I will be able to use it to customize my version of vista still though yeah? Thanks again for the quick reply. Nav
  3. Hi folks, does anyone have any idea where I can find Vista Update Toolkit 1.8.4?? I've been using a tutorial to try and educate myself in the world of windows modding and I really need this version to stick to the tutorial! Any help would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks. Nav. :icon_cool:
  4. Hi all, Forum looks GREAT!!!! I'm trying to teach myself about customizing XP & Vista so hopefully I can learn alot from here. I'd like to think that maybe I could help somewhere along the line as well, but we'll see how that one works out.lol. Anyhoo, take it ezy all. Nav. :icon_cool:
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