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  1. Another minor issue. I'm running the Sidebar in a test installation of XP under VirtualPC. When the VPC session is suspended (Saved) then reloaded, gadget windows do not repaint correctly.
  2. I dropped by to report a minor quirk. Tested with XP SP3, Firefox 3.5, and IE8. If you uninstall a gadget, then go download the exact same gadget filename, the old one is reinstalled. I was testing a new version of my gadget and was surprised to see the old one pop up after installing the new one. The second time I noticed the browser was adding a number to the end of each download, but the installer was still picking up the original filename. For example, if the file on the server was "xyz.gadget" the browser would see that the file already exists and download it as "xyz-1.gadget" ... then the installer would still open "xyz.gadget". The location of these files is: c:\Documents and Settings\username\Local Settings\Temp That location apparently isn't cleared by either IE or Firefox. I tested both and saw the same results.
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