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  1. Confirming the reshacker issue during the patching of ehres.dll If my source doesn't include the "MCE05 addon by ricktendo64" then all goes well. And no matter where I place "MCE05 addon by ricktendo64", b4 updatepack, b4 addons or after addons, I still run into the ehres.dll issue. *Everything was tested using the green and black internally downloaded themes. Keep up the good work!
  2. Normal is perfect for me, Beta gave me the issue. I will start over and run it again to see if it happens again. Does this addon require .net to be functioning at t-13? I tried to incorporate a new snms t-13 .net that for some reason during install failed to install due to it saying that my version of windows wasn't XP.
  3. Using the exact same bat that I use to create my xp cd's, but this time substituting a run of XPtsp_v2.999.0.1_Beta.exe instead of XPtsp_v2.1.0.1_GUI.exe, during the xp install, in a VM, install is halted with a pop-up box that states "XP Theme Source Patcher :unable to find required "7-zip32.dll" in the Programs folder!".
  4. My question to you Rud is, 1. Did you use any update packs? 2. did u create a true addon with onepieces maker? or did you make a svcpack or runonce addon? 3. Did you have the same issue with files unable to copy and those particular 5 files during your xp install?
  5. I'm also having the same issue as Kaylar. During the xp install where it copies files, 5 files, refuse to copy over. ie4uinit.mui iedkcs32.mui ieframe.mui mshta.mui msrating.mui I'm using ryanvm int updatepack = XPSP3_QFE_UpdatePack_1.0.7_20090811 OnePiece_IE8_WinXPSP3_v1.4.0_AddOn_ENU.7z OnePiece_Windows_Media_Player_11_True_AddOn_v1.7.0_ENU.7z And of course lets not forget xptsp. I've used the addon version and the batch.exe version I've also replaced the xptsp.bat file that u posted into the batch.exe with no luck. Currently i've used Onepieces batch addon creator to make a svcpack addon out of the ie8 installer and hotfixes and so far it has passed through into the GUI installer with 13 mins to go. Will update to see if all is well which it may be from the looks of things. Ok this truly sucks, thought all was well until xp boots, Had an advanced inf error and ie8 nor wmp11 installed correctly... who do i send my gripes to? Ok gonna try the xptsp gui method, (crosses fingers and toes)
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