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  1. Name said it all I want to integrate my own user picture and set it to a user automatically. Any links to other topics or answer would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Thank you soooooo mutch it worked and i have another guide to change the position of the loadbar i might do that or i might just leave it where it is. Thank you for telling me the problem! I got the theme working too Vmware was stoping Nlite from seting the theme so i stoped nlites unattended and used mine and everything works thank you!
  3. cool thx man i think i know why its going black now though its putting a black background of the loding bar over my image but ill just use you app if it lets me edit it easyer thanks ill take a crack at it. Aright 2 second later and i got lost in the program. i think ill stick with my hexeditor and paint shop pro but i need to rearang my pallet with gimp im gona google around but if you have a guide could you post it please thanks. There i found it in gimp ima go and edit all 7 kernel files now XD i need to get a better hex editor to find and replace.
  4. Thank you for the post but i already did the ux patch and i already found out what files to edit but now i ran into a bigger problem... to get the boot screen to work properly i need to change the graphics and the pallet in all the files so i did so. now the problem is its changeing the second colour in the pallet black when it should be white and its makeing the boot screen look horrible. can anyone explain to me why this is happening, how to fix it and if theres a post on this? when i tryed to make my bootscreen with boot editor it gave me the same error only it warned me about the second color not being 32,21,16 and told me to change it but that made the pallet wrong and mess the picture up and not its doing it all by itself. if you know anything or know a link to somthing it would be greatly appreciated thank you!
  5. First: ill talk about the theme i add it in the unattended section and when i install xp its classic and not custom. i removed the windows theme in components Second: I have made a bootscreen in an app callec bootskin and i dont know how its working because i took my ntoskrnl.exe and installed it properly and its just the original boot. And tuneup is stupid because you cant change the load bar graphic control the length or even the location. any help about thease topics would be greatly apreshiated. thank you
  6. I saw that in the i386 directory of my xp install cd the login and the boot files are in there so i want to replace them with my personalized versions only problem is there compressed dose anyone know how to compress my files the same way nlite dose it so that when i install xp it dosent get errors copying the file thanks. Problem 1 accomplished answer at unatended xp.com I have another question. How do i make thhe custom theame load on startup in my components i deleted the luna theme and i get the classic when i tell nlite to use my custom theame it adds it and everything but when i install its classic. how do i fix that and how do i customize my boot screen. i made 1 with boot skin but i dont think bootskin edits the ntoskrnl.exe so im realy lost. thanks ahead of time
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