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  1. Hi SoKoOLz, this installer worked a dream on my XP system. Thanks. Can you tell me how the Gadget installer is supposed to work? I searched in the forum, with no luck.
  2. Thanks for this ricktendo64, I had the sidebar working on this Gamerman XPProSP2 Black edition & then it stopped working. First tried all the pre-requisites installed agian... no good. Man it was driving me nuts, then I installed VAIO and your sidebar installer after & PRESTO it works!! Thanks again dude, you're a legend. BTW I had a genuing Vista copy running on this machine & got hooked on it, but had to pull it out as it did not support my ATI9250VIVO card (no DX9). So, the need for ported sidebar. You rock!!
  3. Hi out there to everyone here. I hope I can help someone out around here now & then. See ya all around
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