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  1. When is this stuff going to be released? lol
  2. Your theme addons make you god :-!

  3. If the link can again be made active thanks :-) Also I used miTeC Hexadecimal Editor to try and hack the original SP3 file myself with some success. Below are the values I found and if anyone can fix any errors etc. that would be great. Basically I ran a search on the blue version (since those colors would be less difficult to pinpoint) then compared the # of searches to get there with the original taskmgr.exe which should yield the proper place to edit the colors. It worked somewhat but the rest is kinda tough, here ya go. Performance Tab Percent Meters (2nd search not 1st on the line) - Hex 00ff00 - Address 0x15FB0 CPU Usage (Number) - Hex 00ff00 - Address 0x054B0 Pagefile Usage (Number) - Hex 00ff00 - Address 0x056D0 CPU Usage History (Line) - Hex 00ff00 - Address 0x00FE0 Pagefile (Line) - Hex ffff00 - Address 0x01000 Grid (Both) - Hex 008040 - Address 0x04DC0 Network Tab The Numbers - Hex ffff00 - Address 0x078B0 Vertical Line - Hex ffff00 - Address 0x01020 WAN + LAN (Line Color) 2nd search not 1st on the line) - Hex 00ff00 - Address 0x01020 Grid - Hex 008040 - Address 0x07B10 Percent bar backgrounds appear to be embedded image. Use Resource Hacker to edit. I've made a modified version of the blue + original, here have a download + look http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?zizyttmvm4z It seems the system tray replacements must be icons, I tried png's but nothing showed up. However I was using Anolis Resourcer 0.9 which automatically fixes the CRC (during a save) of these files like ModifyPE can. So it may not be an issue for Resource Hacker. Don't forget the percent bars and system tray icons seem to be a resource, so you'll need to modify them manually in an image editor if you want to change the colors. I assume Ricktendo did that and he dramatically improved them in the process so I kept them. Maybe later I'll try making new ones for myself :S
  4. I'd like these all to work with RyanVM's Integrator. Blue XP Task Manager by lsdmeasap http://www.wincert.net/forum/index.php?showtopic=1351 Umicons Logoff Shutdown Screen by ~acedriver http://acedriver.deviantart.com/art/Umicons-Logoff-Shutdown-Screen-8426449 XPize Logons updated for SP3 by ricktendo64 http://www.wincert.net/forum/index.php?showtopic=927 Windows 7 Properties XP v1.2 by ~pri2sh http://pri2sh.deviantart.com/art/Windows-7-Properties-XP-v1-2-118627946 TED Notepad http://jsimlo.sk/notepad/ Use options - replace notepad + context menu all files - if possible
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