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  1. But if I choose that option, then my IE7 resizes a little. And it does that with every map and other program I open. Thats not entirely what I was looking for. I was hoping it would hover on top of every program. More or less exactly like on Vista. But I understand if that's not possible
  2. Thank you Ricktendo! Should have looked on the forum, but thought that this was the only topic about it . But I do have another question. Everything works fine now, but as I am using IE7 now, I don't see the Sidebar on my right. Only when I minimize IE7, I will see the Sidebar again. Is there a way, like in Vista, that it overlaps IE7? And that there might also be a Hide button or something? Thanks!
  3. Could anyone please explain how to install the Sidebar? I don't understand how to get it working. There is no manual or something that explain how to install it from scratch. Thanks!
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