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  1. this isn't going to be a great question. But how do you add the addon? I've tried to use nlite but when I try to add SP3 and this addon it is telling me I have corrupted files. Any Chance you can provide step by step instructions?
  2. Hello, I am trying to write a registry file to change allow the mouse and keyboard to wake up from standby. I can't find out where the registry location for Power Management for the keyboard and mouse is. I can do it manually from going to Device Manager> Keyboard (right click)> Properties> Power Management > and checking "allow this device to bring the computer out of standby". I have 400 computers to do I am trying to find a shortcut to do so. If anyone could tell me where I can find the registry or how to write a script to change it that would be great. Thanks in adavance.
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