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  1. I have spent a couple of days hunting this down now. I have built a completely new nlite unattended cd with windows xp sp3, and no tweaks whatsoever and as soon as our policy hit the system and performs the redirections the offline folder-feature is on. And as far as I know this doesn't happen on installations that are done without nlite. The machines use the same policy so that shouldn't be it either. I don't want to blame nlite 100% yet. I have been able to eliminate the possibilities of a couple of other softwares involved being the problem, which took most of the time. Hopefully tomorrow I'll be able to check the remaining possibility - that it could be a recent post SP3 patch that introduces the problem. If it is not, then there is only nlite left. Edit: spelling
  2. Did you find the tweak responsible? This problem has appeared for us as well.
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