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  1. Used the tool and i can now open the .pst files. however everthing is in a "lost&Found" folder. And there are still 4 of them, Not just 1
  2. Hi, i hope i'm in the right place. over a few hours of googling hasn't proved any help at all.. a friend of mine had his PC crash (bad virus) and i pulled his data off his hard drive for him and then restored it. All was good except for his outlook profile. Which isn't just outlook.pst the files he has are outlook.pst outlook_part2.pst, Outlook_part3.pst, and outlook_part4.pst However none of them outlook sees as .pst files. it just says "(filepath)\outlook.pst is not a Personal folders file" regardless of which one i used. he says he never split the files. So what exactly happened? Is all his outlook data gone?
  3. It's OEM i don't know how to auto activate it with a slipstream. of o add "AutoActivation=Yes" in the i believe it's winnt.sys file (where ever it has the unattended information) i always need to activate it.
  4. I can't get this to work for the life of me.. I've tried to many times to count. My install will work perfectly. But MSSE won't be installed when Windows finishes..
  5. I'm trying to make a silent switchless installer for Microsoft Security Essentials i'm using ;The comment below contains SFX script commands Setup=setup.exe /s /runwgacheck /o TempMode Silent=1 Overwrite=1 and it will work on a PC, but not in an install when XP installs. Any idea as to why?
  6. Having an issue with the latest pack, i used v3.0 and i could integrate just fine. Now i am using v3.1 and it talks about a missing dll file.. thought it was something i added. But everything i added is the same i had on v3.0 minus MS Security Essentials.. Which i removed and it still doesn't work it's missing Winsomething.dll it always says It's working with just your addon pack and removing windows search. so the problem is on my end, Not sure why the installers don't work now but i'll have to find out
  7. Alright thanks a bunch. Sorry i'm new to this. if i get the addon to work i'll publish it arenalz you are a genius it works perfectly!
  8. No dice same issue, i'll try and extract the installer see what will happen EDIT: And again no dice... i don't get it.. it wont install as a cab, but it will as a silent install..
  9. Thanks for the quick reply, only having one issue now. And thats there isn't a substitute all files, just extraxt and replace, extract and update, and fresh existing files only
  10. did the above, and it claims it can not find the installer "openoffice31.msi" which is a direct copy of the file name..
  11. I tried making an AVG 9.0 silent install and it works great. until i try and install it while Windows installs.. since it's not the exe i assume it's the ini. here is the code on it, Any idea on what i did wrong? [general] builddate=20/11/2009 description=AVG 9.0 Free Add-on language=English version=AVG 9.0 Free website=http://free.avg.com [EditFile] I386\SVCPACK.INF,SetupHotfixesToRun,AddProgram [AddProgram] avg_free_stf_en_90_707a1765.sfx.exe
  12. Worked perfectly except for one thing. whenever i start installing Windows XP i get a warning about a driver simply called "Battery" i was short on time so i also added an AVG addon to give it a test But otherwise i have your addon pack, and cosmetic fixes for IE8
  13. Alright, how do i tell it to do it's switches? extract then just recompress the .exe with winrar and add the switches that way? Thats what i did with my AVG 9.0 installer. EDIT: getting an error about being unable to recompress it after i extract it so thats now how it do it..
  14. Need to make an OO.o 3.1.1 addon for an XP disc, but i can't find one ANYWHERE.. Does anyone have the switches i would need for a silent install? or the addon it's self?
  15. Also adding addons, and i was told to do everything in just one session, If i can add addons without breaking it then i will use that instead. EDIT: Running in XP SP3 mode took the errors away, No idea how, But i guess it works, or i lucked out. EDIT2: yeah i guess i just lucked out, not working now..
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