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  1. iFIf you get some time to reply to my last post on donations, please email me instead.
  2. Thank you. I would like to make a donation to keep this program going, but paypal keeps adding shipping. Who gets the extra couple of dollars when there is no shipment involved?
  3. Hi, will someone please provide some instructions for installing the add-on. I installed 12.2 when I bought a new notebook with Windows 7 about a month ago, but there is no cplbonus.inf file. When I extracted the 12.6 add-on to a folder in d:\program files, and right clicked telling the .inf to install, I kept getting errors that files like cttune.chm could not be found, and when I located it in c:\windows\help, I was told that it could not be installed. I then clicked Cancel and then OK to skip that one, and had a similar problem on succeeding items, so I quit the installation until I can get some help. Am I supposed to point to the .cab file or something?.
  4. Done. Thank you for the tech assist and the great program.
  5. When I tried to uninstall Kels all in one cpl Bonus 11.4 I got an error could not locate inf file CPLBonus.inf I have it installed on a notebook with XP pro SP3 fully patched. I tried installing 11.6 (silent) over silent 11.4 and that seemed to work. But if I try to uninstall it I get the same error. Is there a way to fix this?
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