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  1. Yes, I understand what you are talking about. I do. And you are right, MS is not going to issue ME a free pass lol. All I'm saying is that there are a ton of people out there that already have this knowledge and I'm just looking for someone to share that. After posts like yours, I doubt that anyone will share the solution with me in public. So if anyone has some valuable knowledge on this subject, please just send me a PM. That way any effect on such a touchy subject will be kept to a minimum. Thanks edit: there are NOT tons of people who know how to do this... there are a select few who hav
  2. Yes, I know and understand this, but all I'm trying to do is something harmless. I'm just looking to change a "TEXT" field. I'm not looking to compromise their security. I also understand that having the ability to change the text is what MS would consider a security breach, but there are other people and companies who already know how to do this. One of these companies is an anti virus company (can't remember the name) and they have no intention of changing their practice of breaking the security of MS's low level files. MS is trying to come out with an API to allow access to these things but
  3. Hi Reaper, I know of other people who have done this and it sticks. Windows doesn't freak either. It does on me now because I don't have everything I need. I have the tools to change the text. What I need now is something that will digitally sign the file again or something that tells windows to ignore the security "feature". I came across the signing software once, but forgot where I found it (I could slit my throat, lol) I also have the fix in assembly code, but it's only for x64. Nobody seems to have the assembly code for x86. I'm almost there... just need this one last thing
  4. Thanks for the link, but I already know how to do that. I'm trying to change the text that is in "winload.exe" where it says "Starting Windows".
  5. I will man... but it seems like it's the hardest thing on earth to find out how to do. A select few have done it, but they are not talking
  6. I would like to change the text/image that says "Starting Windows" when Windows 7 first starts. I don't want to change the animation, just the text. Does anyone know how to do this? any help is appreciated.
  7. Hi.. Sorry about my previous message. I could have left a better one. I left the message about the speed of the application with the new release. About me.. I'm a retired software engineer and I've been using your software for some months now. It's been really great. Thank you. I don't have your insight into all the issues, but I have a suggestion or request. Is it possible to make the new version work like the old version when it comes to mounting, editing, and saving the image, but still have it work like the new version when it comes to doing updates? I really like the way it does updates n
  8. I'm not trying to be rude, but what did you do to my fast software? One of the reasons I liked your software so much was because it was way faster than software like DismTool and such. I had to do some "add-ons" today and the "new" program ran from 2 or 3 in the afternoon until about 8:00pm. (I had about 110 add-ons) I loved your software because of it's speed. I'm going to miss that. Sorry to be a whiner...
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