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  1. Thank you rick for this. It is nice to have a cpl for backups. And, did you see kels new cpl addon, he uses registry for cpl additions. Is it possible to make this via registry?
  2. Thanks fr this addon m8. And I would like to see that modded theme, if you can share of course. :thumbsup:
  3. Hey man, md5 doesnt match with the one I downloaded newly. Anyway, thanks for this app.
  4. I got ya, Win32/Jep.Russ joke... You bad boy :lol:
  5. I dont think so... :lol:My vote goes for nod32. Very less resource consuming, easy updates, easily configurable...
  6. Thats interesting. I havent heard of this before. Thanks for sharing
  7. Antivirus: Nod32 Anti-Spyware: SpyBot S&D Firewall: Maybe Zone alarm but it makes my system freeze when new programs tries to run. Maybe you can try sygate personal firewall (it wont be updated and supported anymore)
  8. 22 Turkey / izmir University student
  9. Thanks for the link mate. Its some big but very helpful..
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