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  1. Bravo graybags! -- since you are I.T., could make it even easier. thx for joining in the conversation, and for your offer to assist ~
  2. thx for your resonse! I'd love to be an alpha tester, that is, if my fumblings & mumblings as a noob might be helpful - lab-rat/guinea-pig/whatever .... i'll sweep floors, chop wood, carry water .... just to learn, thx ********************* on a technical note, seems to me you are well poised to lead this field in the coming years, with the tech moving on with the GUID-GPT-EFI-UEFI implementations. I am always curious about histories, and about relationships, and you just mention incorporating several methods such as perhaps some of vLite's strategies, DISM, etc -- which I am studying to better understand this whole context, and to understand how the toolkit is functioning as a GUI front-end for image-x, DISM, and other command-line stuff that makes up the MS Deployment various tools/strategies. As far as the relationships - as a learner, I always appreciate understanding how "A" is different from "B", and why/when I'd want to use one vs. the other -- pros/cons for each -- as you spell out for rt7, etc. I would like to help document exactly what size savings are involved in each of those selections under "Component Removal" - kinda like the old XPlite Pro did, if i recall correctly. So I'm prepared to do the same tasks over & over again, in order to take notes on the outcome - i can install, image, reinstall, etc. etc. etc. (even a footman has a few valuable skillsets which the Butler can call upon Thx again ~
  3. Hey, bless you, bphlpt -- reading thru so many posts yesterday, I saw you recommend this same idea for someone else, so I did go to that post, translated it, & converted to pdf. I've got an install DVD running right now in fact - at least I made it this far without erroring out. Also from other posts, I gather we're about the same age & would have a similar mindset on things, so I may pm you for some as I go along, if that's ok by you. In my personals introduction post, I made an offer to help out by producing some tutorials, so I'll make it clear here that my only agenda is just to selfishly get the hell along w/ slimming my own Win7 install, help other 'pathetic beginners' like myself who may need it, and then get on w/ my "real life", which is not I.T. -- I say this in case anyone's feeling 'threatened' that I may have some other agenda within these type communities/fora. Now, in another post from late November/early December, Legolash has made the same statement -- "I will be creating the guides once i release the final version." so .... here we are 3 months later........ With all due respect, my itch needs scratching NOW My point is - I'm quite sure he is snowed under w/ University, much less managing this incredible project -- a project which, by the looks of it & the endorsements of it both here & on MSFN, will probably be the champion that takes off where vLite left off! & I hope it is, hope it does!! and I'm SuperGrateful to have this powerful tool! (just can't wait to get it out of the driveway & on to the Autobahn!!) but I'm the kinda dog, that if you just throw me a little bone to get me going, I can/will do alot with it. also, whatever I may eventually produce, I can assign all credits to whoever -- I write--author--create for hire in my other life, and my own name is nowhere to be found on any of it - so the point again is that I'm only interested in the result, which is to break the f*cking learning curve and get on with the results of the learning! ************************************************************ so in the time it's taken me to write this, my attempt at this moment has been successful in that it did install - I'm on a mid-2007 macbook, core 2 duo, 4 GB RAM, and I don't use BootCamp to partition -- I use other methods that give me multiple partitions. Last nite the iso hung at the "Expanding Windows Files" prompt, whilst attempting to install it to VirtualBox. ..... well, since a VM is just 1 more possible source of error, I burned the iso to dvd, imaged my current 'trial' installation, then installed this 7toolkit to the hard drive. Wonderful! .... now, how about the results of the "Component Removal" that I think/I hope I did? powercfg -h off ..... eliminate hibernation, reset pagefile to 1024 start/end, well shi* !! I'm at 9.58 GB ..... not what I had in mind for a "slimmed" Windows 7 PROFESSIONAL install - whereby I think/I hope/I intended to delete Home Basic/Premium/Ultimate from the wim ... along w/ some middle-of-the-road "Component Removal". My 1st effort w/ the RT7 method gave me a 7.39 GB install of Ultimate - same config w/ hibernate off & pfile @ 1 GB. Well, at least I made it this far this time -- and dog that I am, I'm fixing to chew into it a bunch more times today. I'll axe 1 more time .... anybody willing to throw a dog a bone, & write down some SIMPLE beginner steps ? .... no unattended (that's just more possible errors to deal with in the beginning) .... no addins/addons like IE9 (those will come after the initial experiments are successful) .... just good learning theory/protocol ..... K.I.S.S. - establish some simple, initial successes, then build skillsets a bit at a time from there. yaah .
  4. The computer name is mb13 - performed around 4 pm Central USA time Thursday. I had no other programs running whilst using Toolkit. Since I didn't properly notate all the steps I was taking, then I don't believe in trying to reconstruct a "crime scene" where I can't remember what I did - it's just crazy-making. So I deleted that trial & will start fresh w/ fresh everything. In the meantime, I will respectfully ask once again - will someone be willing to write a simple step-by-step directions, to simply take the refreshed MS Win7sp1 64bit iso, process it through the toolkit so that some components can be removed, then saved/rebuilt/whatever ........ then made to .iso so it can be installed & tested? nothing else, no addons, not now .... after a success with this, THEN comes adding in IE9, etc etc. If someone will do this for me, then when I have a few successes to fully understand what I'm doing in this toolkit, I will document the process w/ both printed pdfs as well as video screencaps. Thank You
  5. Is there a step-by-step guide on how to use this tool?   I mean step...........by........beginners.........step. I just want to start at the most basic - take the MS refreshed Win7 sp1 64bit image from Digital River, remove some components, make an iso, then install. Only after a beginner's success, then graduate to adding other things (IE9, etc) & doing more difficult things. Here's what I did: * Extracted contents of X17-59465.iso to D:\2nd-sources folder. * Open v1.3.0.102 Toolkit to Popular > Wim Manager, Browsed for WIM to the above folder. * Selected Home Basic, Premium, Ultimate, and deleted them (I'd deleted ei.cfg earlier). * Mounted Windows 7 Professional to D:\2nd * changed to Component Remover, made "moderate" selections - no red or yellow highlighted, then pressed < Remove Components > . When that was done, I selected Save & Rebuild Image. * When that was done, I closed that dialogue box, and then going back in to WIM Manager, it says the image in D:\2nd is corrupt. I go back into WIM Manager thinking I need to make the iso next. ?? also, do you need to save a log file with a different name each time a project is run? because it seems like the only log file I could find has overwritten yesterday's unsuccessful trial with tonite's unsuccessful trial. I'll be glad to provide whatever log files that can show my errors, if given the correct guidance how to do that. Thanks in advance for help.
  6. Hello -- I spent time browsing the forum awhile ago, returning now to really learn these tools & approaches. Got some helps from K~ a day ago in the 7 toolkit, even so, I obviously made some mistakes because the trimmed-down 7 won't boot, so I'm going back down the forum-rabbit-hole to do some more homework-learning before I report back to my coach. Coming across this post: [url]http://www.wincert.net/forum/index.php?/topic/8715-newbie-guide-feedback/[/url] , I'm sure describes the frustration of many "beginners" , meself include about now! I bet that beginners who are helped to understand & have rapid success, will be most inclined to donate $$ to the source from which their success has come - just today I made a little donation to an Eastern European coder I'll never meet personally, because he volunteered some time and modified his app to meet a request from me. So the first thing I'm offering to donate here is -- one of the skillsets in my other life, in another profession, is creating clear instructional guides for beginners -- w/ outlines, pictures/images (including video screen-captures), correct spelling, converted to pdf & properly TOC'd, bookmarked, & hyperlinked. I'm offering to do that, initially for the 7 toolkit, because that's what I'm focused on learning first. I enjoyed ricktendo's videos, even so they're just a bit beyond my understanding at this moment - hopefully in another couple days/weeks I'll own that information & those concepts. I like the relatively smaller scale of WinCert vs., say, MSFN, so I hope I can exchange my notions of a contribution, for the knowledge I'll take and the friendships I'll make, whilst here. Best! j.
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