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  1. Bravo graybags! -- since you are I.T., could make it even easier. thx for joining in the conversation, and for your offer to assist ~
  2. thx for your resonse! I'd love to be an alpha tester, that is, if my fumblings & mumblings as a noob might be helpful - lab-rat/guinea-pig/whatever .... i'll sweep floors, chop wood, carry water .... just to learn, thx ********************* on a technical note, seems to me you are well poised to lead this field in the coming years, with the tech moving on with the GUID-GPT-EFI-UEFI implementations. I am always curious about histories, and about relationships, and you just mention incorporating several methods such as perhaps some of vLite's strategies, DISM, etc -- which I am studying to
  3. Hey, bless you, bphlpt -- reading thru so many posts yesterday, I saw you recommend this same idea for someone else, so I did go to that post, translated it, & converted to pdf. I've got an install DVD running right now in fact - at least I made it this far without erroring out. Also from other posts, I gather we're about the same age & would have a similar mindset on things, so I may pm you for some as I go along, if that's ok by you. In my personals introduction post, I made an offer to help out by producing some tutorials, so I'll make it clear here that my only agenda is just to s
  4. The computer name is mb13 - performed around 4 pm Central USA time Thursday. I had no other programs running whilst using Toolkit. Since I didn't properly notate all the steps I was taking, then I don't believe in trying to reconstruct a "crime scene" where I can't remember what I did - it's just crazy-making. So I deleted that trial & will start fresh w/ fresh everything. In the meantime, I will respectfully ask once again - will someone be willing to write a simple step-by-step directions, to simply take the refreshed MS Win7sp1 64bit iso, process it through the toolkit so that some com
  5. Is there a step-by-step guide on how to use this tool?   I mean step...........by........beginners.........step. I just want to start at the most basic - take the MS refreshed Win7 sp1 64bit image from Digital River, remove some components, make an iso, then install. Only after a beginner's success, then graduate to adding other things (IE9, etc) & doing more difficult things. Here's what I did: * Extracted contents of X17-59465.iso to D:\2nd-sources folder. * Open v1.3.0.102 Toolkit to Popular > Wim Manager, Browsed for WIM to the above folder. * Selected Home Basic, Premium, Ulti
  6. Hello -- I spent time browsing the forum awhile ago, returning now to really learn these tools & approaches. Got some helps from K~ a day ago in the 7 toolkit, even so, I obviously made some mistakes because the trimmed-down 7 won't boot, so I'm going back down the forum-rabbit-hole to do some more homework-learning before I report back to my coach. Coming across this post: [url]http://www.wincert.net/forum/index.php?/topic/8715-newbie-guide-feedback/[/url] , I'm sure describes the frustration of many "beginners" , meself include about now! I bet that beginners who are helped to unders
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