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  1. Excellent! This firewall is a very good one and it is free. Great job Rick! I plan on trying it out on my next build witch will be soon.
  2. Sounds like I might have to start using InstallWatch Pro. Also other than installwatch is there a program to aid in making the add ons?
  3. Yeah they email you a number to enter to activate it and I think it is entered after a reboot.
  4. I started using Comodo firewall and antivirus and I like them. Since these programs require activation is it possible to make them into a addon? I have not made a addon nor do I understand how to make a addon. If I knew how I would post many addons. Perhaps if I knew of a decent tutorial that explains how to make them I would understand more. In the mean time if someone has some spare time on there hands these products would be helpful to have as a addon. They are 100% free. http://www.comodogroup.com/products/free_products.html
  5. BAH Page Not Found We're sorry, the page you requested was not found. It is possible you typed the address incorrectly, or the page may no longer exist. Please go back or return to the home page.
  6. Thanks for that link Rick. I been searching for **** smilies for two hours now. LOL Thanks ricktendo64 I see this can be useful at times. Tim
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