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  1. Hmmm don't know if it's just me or not, but everytime i use the integrator it gets stuck at "Detecting DVD Folder".... :S I've used your program a thousand times and it has always worked flawlessly up till now :S Here's a step by step on what i was doing at the time in case it helps - I mounted the Install.wim and integrated a few apps, made a few tweaks, added a few drivers, then saved and unmounted - Then i turned the files into an .iso and tested on vmware, worked flawlessly but i wanted to add a few more tweaks - So, deleted the .iso i had made, re-opened the Windows 7 Toolkit, and opened the integrator to continue working on the last files i was working on, however, this time, it didn't load anything, it stayed stuck on "Detecting DVD Folder"...so i waited a good 30 mins, still didn't work, so closed it all, and tried re-opening, waited another 15 minutes, still didn't budge, which is not normal as it usually only takes a few seconds :S - So, Luckily i had a backup of the files before i had previously edited them (always keep backups ), so i deleted the edited files and restored the backup ones, and tried loading them back up....still stuck on the same thing Any idea's as to what could be wrong? Or what else i could try?... Thanks in advance!!
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