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  1. Request silent installer for this add on pack Kel's UberPacK v14.4
  2. Just now I have seen, Thanks for the the update.
  3. Request Uberpack with default Notepad and Notepad++ without replacement of default Notepad
  4. No, Uberpack with Notepad++ and default Notpad, without replacement Pl.
  5. Is it possible to separate the Notepad++, and default Notepad separately without merging. Can you provide this addon please.
  6. Thank you Kelsenellenelvia... I am looking for this for a long time I integrated with windows XP with sp3, and unfortunately not working.
  7. Thank u hairbautt. I tried this method it is working, but how integrate the same in the installation CD. Pl. help
  8. How to insert this in the unattended installation CD
  9. I want to insert this login animation as above after the boot screen( just like in windows vista) in windows XP installation Cd. In one of the site some one has posted "Windows XP PRO SP3 RTM 5512 VistaVG Ultimate" in that he has used this. For this is it possible to create an addon pl.
  10. Pl. help me how to modify and customize the System properties dialog box in CD
  11. Request add on for .Net Framework 2. Is it available any where?
  12. Instead of Notepad2 why can't you provide Notepad++4.6 in this add on.
  13. Sorry Mr.Kelsenellenelvian, I have integrated this addon in windowsxp cd by Nlite and tested in VMWare,
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