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  1. I did the same thing on a live system; uninstalled previous version, reboot, etc.


    For testing in vmware, it was a clean install, that means all hotfixes/updates and this latest NET4.6


    I'll run another test with only NET4.6 integrated.




    I just re-downloaded it and compared the hashes - they didn't match  with *.exe from yesterday. I'll run test anyway.


    EDIT 2


    It's all good now!

  2. I never had any problems with mooms's script either til last version of java up60 and I always use setupcomplete to add it to my custom win7.


    Test1 didn't work. Still nothing in control panel nor programs and futures.




    If you have a time, try to integrate it and see if it works for you.....unless you have already done that.

  3. 98 MB seems the normal size.

    I will also reply to you PM here, so it can benefit to others as well:


    Hey, could you send me your dual/silent installer if possible?

    I've tried remove/uninstall previous version of Java - nothing works.

    Is your dual/silent installer about ~47MB? mine is 95MB

    I am wondering what is going on? it's not your script.....the script always worked perfect tho.


    I meant remove previous versions of the installers in the script folder, not Java itself.

    It was to avoid the UPX error, but it seems your error is different.

    Anyway, you can try this silent dual SFX I've just made:



    Of course everything was removed from that folder, but I'll try your installer now and report back. Thanks







    Same thing - it's not installed.....this is weird.

  4. UPX error is harmless, it is because you've already uncompressed the setup on a previous run, delete all installers and you will not see the error.



    But it creates dual installer which is about 98MB! shouldn't be more like 47MB? and yet, when I add this via setupcomplete, it doesn't install.

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