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  1. 15 addons loaded up along with 97 hotfixes! so far so good! I'll let it finish and run it in vmware. Thanks!

    I don't recall this name in my hotfixes? this is new. oh, I see it now. nvm


  2. Once again, I am running a x86 Home Premium Windows 7, and trying to integrate the x64 addons in a x64 windows 7 Ultimate.

    I'm not an expert, but I think you've changed how addons are decompressed, and the new tool maybe it more rigid. I think. :g:

    I still have the same errors as You with an A & B, and I am running Ultimate x86.

  3. t20 now available.

    test 20 doesn't integrate any of my addons, not even one. Adoons are ok and worked fine with previous builds (15-19)

    it says like this below, for every addon added;

    Description: Some addons could not be added. For more information, click '>> Details'.



    This does not seem to be a valid addon or it may have been corrupted.



  4. You can pre-extract it and run setup.exe with the swithces or you can use a 7zip or winrar sfx

    BTW did you know I create a 'slim' updated .net4 installer, will do a 4.5 as soon as the first hotfix is published

    Yes, I know you did, I been using it since last year or so, and I seen your post saying you would create 4.5 as well.

  5. Well, here they are: adobe flash player, VLC, Theme Resource changer, Image Resizer.

    Those are custom made addons but I can assure you they work 100%

    If anyone have an older build before *65, send it to me, I can run another test, I got plenty of time and road driving thru Mojave desert :D


    I can confirm v. works perfect! all my addons are integrated and registered! duration time: 19m07s.

    Thanks compstuff for sending me that build, its a keeper ;)


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