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  1. I have read about nLite. I have licensed software, but I don't have an installation CD. I understand if I have a 4 GB USB device (I can partition my Seagate Freeagent external drive) I could make a bootable very small and very fast XP. I have an EeePC 900 16 GB 1 GB RAM XP Home. I participate in the EeePc forum. The recommendation there is to use both xpLite and nLite, however the examples are for "gamers" or for "power users" who overclock their CPU. I am not going to "overclock" a Celeron processor. I am willing to use other tips and tweaks however. I will start a thread in the nLite section with what I know, up to this point, and the things I would like to accomplish. I have some ideas about how to do so. At the same time, it is all so overwhelming. I want to have a bootable USB external hard drive with a small and fast XP. I have the USB external hard drive.
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