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  1. My brother Walid : for 23 minutes during the installation of windows, installation takes some time, because at that stage is the installation of packages net Frame Work and Installation times vary depending on the strength of your computer For my dear one piece Following the merger of the new package 4.1 on Windows XP clean untouched was that the same problem, namely: Theme is the default Classic I can not open turn off windows button at start menu I can not open add remove programs icon in the Control Panel please , help me
  2. thx dear for new update pack but after integrate this update pack on untouched xp sp3 pro original & clean i get some problem Default skin for windows was classic & I can't use turn off computer in start menu & i couldn't open add remove programs please, help me to resolve this problem
  3. thank you my friend for this wonderful package and i want to ask you about something : i have win xp sp3 oem then i use nlite to remove componentes and set some tweaks & options and then i used rvm integrator to integrate onepiece sp3 3.9 and the close it and rerun RVMi and integrate first Removal addon - rerun RVMi and integrate second Removal addon , and that's i used BitLockerToGo - BrowserChoice - IMAPI2 - Smart_Card_Driver - Windows_Management_Framework_Core - Windows_Search - NETFX4.0 and then slipstream sata and Cursors Pack and Kels_CPLBonus and Runtimes_addon and and finally make iso and try it on vrtiual pc and find problem (missing some reg-tweaks in/of nlite.inf after XP-setup ‏) (not remove shared document after setup windows) (not disable shadow from menu and mouse) (not use flat menu style) (not use Fade out selection) Could you help me and tell me about reason and how can i fix it ? Note : i have setup the windows after using nlite to remove componentes and set some tweaks & options and didn't find this problem Last Session.rar
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