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  1. hi m8 i have sandisk cruzer and cruzer edge 16gb and unattended doesn,t work on these either.but here is the catch i made an autounattend on rt7lite ages ago copied to my usb drives and hey presto fully autounattend.i also cannot figure out why autounattend from w7t doesnt,work yet rt7lite does its all very hit and miss.but im sure its definately related to certain usb drives.i have also made w7tookit images to dvd and autounattend made by w7t didnt work from dvd either.so i tested my other theory and put autounattend from rt7lite and hey presto works again.it could be me but i have been testing this for several months.hope this helps anyone struggling to make it work.
  2. how about import custom registry file.seen this function in rt7lite it works great.but your tool is so much quicker with less errors.keep up the good work.
  3. hi mate i tried cab installer it shows installing cabs but doesn,t actually install them any ideas,by the way great tool kit.also when it installs the cabs it goes from 1 to 195 in 2mins only.tried 5 times same results.
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