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  1. Outstanding!!! The New sidebar is awesome... Great work and Thank you!
  2. Ricktendo is there away to hide the sidebar? :icon_rolleyes:
  3. I agree with you 100% Im a system builder and must keep up with the newest hardware and Os's and Bought Vista Ultimate when first released. I am also a gamer and the performance Hit was Not good. With VTP 7 and this Sidebar you have Vista Look with Xp stability. Im so happy about VAIO and Vista RTM sidebar and Guy's like Ricktendo that make things work and the help is OUTSTANDING :thumb_yello: Vista for now stays on my wife's system.
  4. Thanks again Rick.. The file is attached, the sidebar.png is in the rollover folder. Im using the newest build of Vistart 2502 Thanks for the help.. Rick I fixed it! somehow the info after the line I enterd got cut off </menu_options> Now the sidebar is on the Vistart menu where the help use to be, Now all I have to do is figure why its not displaying a small icon in the right side of the screen in the directory list sheeeeee Thanks!!! :thumb_yello:
  5. Thanks for the fast reply, I keep getting these 2 errors -1072896685 - The following tags were not closed: menu_option. Run-time error '9': Subscript out of range :dribble:
  6. Is there away to pin the sidebar icon to Vistart menu? :tumbleweed:
  7. Hi Rick, I dl that style but it dosnt enclude the round start button, did you load it as a theme?
  8. Mr Mr. Randall McNally what Cpu are you running to power the Monster Dock on the top screen? You have an awesome desktop.
  9. Wow Looks like we have a split group here, I could only say that I am not running Vista at this point and kicking myself for spending sooo much money on Vista Os. Im a system builder and have 4 pc in many configuration here at home and only 1 is running Vista. Im a bigtime FPS gammer and the frame lost "110 from 185" in Doom 3 is just NOT GOOD! While Doom still runs great at 115 fps at 1024x768 is not the point. I spend some big money in performance hardware. However Vista is not a total waste. For right now Vista is for my wifes system. And Xp is the way to go for Performance gamming! and who know how well Dx10 games will run when they hit the stores :thumb_yello:
  10. Thanks ricktendo64 that was the quick fix I needed.. :thumb_yello:
  11. Hi, I just installed the sidebar and instalation went smooth and is working perfect! Its amazzing to have the Vista sidebar running under Xp.. I have been quite Busy Dl lots of cool gadgets and it looks just like my other Pc that is running Vista Ultimate. Thank you!! a Million! I have ran into a small problem maybe someone will have a quick fix. I downloaded the skin package at the top of this thread and when I tried to patch the sidebar exe file I got a wrong version error... Any help ? Thanks again.. /|\Atari8man/|\
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