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  1. Hi everyone, today I built a new Windows 8.1 image with WinToolkig, adding some "runonce" installers and also a custom $OEM$ dir with its setupcomplete.cmd. The result is that Wintoolkit installer gui never appeared but setupcomplete.cmd had been executed. So here's my question: is the post setup gui installer supposed to work even with a custom external setupcomplete.cmd script? Where is the gui .exe file located inside wim file? Where is it called inside of registry? Regards, Fil
  2. Hi guys, using latest Wintoolkit 1.5.0 (test 38) and trying to remove "Windows Media Player" in Windows 8 breaks WinSAT. In details, I can't get some MF*.* files which are needed to execute Winsat mfmedia tests. Anyone experienced this? Filippo
  3. I have the same issue, no reg entries are added to the image. Is it possible to get version 0.8? I lost it and with current 0.8.5 I can't solve this issue. Thanx a lot, Filippo
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