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    I don't understand your comment?  How is a cmd different than a bat file?  Can't i just copy and paste this text into a file and save it as a batch and run it like the cmd in the OP?


    Yes you can!! Dont worry! I made it a long time ago.The only problem is that Im not able to create dula(86-64) silent instalation of Java 8.25


    Will this work on XP?

  2. hmm...didn't seem to work. Also i can't seem to get Kels Uberpack 13 or Kels CPL addon 2.x.x or your cursor pack to integrate at all. I'm wondering if gmail drive didn't work for the same reason? I am using SP3 with nlite, any idea what could prevent Kels' packs from installing? PLEASE HELP.

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