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  1. How can i make a silent install with this Redistributable? Can i just use '/S' ?
  2. Is there a difference between an "update pack" and an "addon pack"? If yes, what is it? I am new to this tool btw.
  3. Unfortunately i'm having problems with this installer due to KB2918614. Is there anything you can do or should i just remove this hotfix?
  4. Yes you can!! Dont worry! I made it a long time ago.The only problem is that Im not able to create dula(86-64) silent instalation of Java 8.25 Will this work on XP?
  5. @hamzaaan: I don't understand your comment? How is a cmd different than a bat file? Can't i just copy and paste this text into a file and save it as a batch and run it like the cmd in the OP?
  6. Will this tool allow me to integrate existing TRUE addons that are posted in forums such as ryanvm.net? I have many addons i've saved over the years i'd like to use with this amazing tool if possible.
  7. Just wanted to thank you guys for all the hard work you do!! I LOVE XPtsp and will continue to follow its development until the day it stops!
  8. can u PLEASE make it so that i can install JUST the sound schemes without the card game ??? PLEASE.
  9. Could someone please make an addon for: http://www.auslogics.com/en/software/syste...mation/download
  10. hmm...didn't seem to work. Also i can't seem to get Kels Uberpack 13 or Kels CPL addon 2.x.x or your cursor pack to integrate at all. I'm wondering if gmail drive didn't work for the same reason? I am using SP3 with nlite, any idea what could prevent Kels' packs from installing? PLEASE HELP.
  11. Kel, i STILL can't get this issue resolved...oh and i am using the latest Kel packs...i just name them the old names so that i dont have to re-add them to my nlite install...(ie. it always loads my same setup even if the files are updated). Could you PLEASE post a working ini file for me? PLEASE????
  12. Ok Kel, i just figured out that when i used Nlite with SP2 i had no problems....so my question is how did you slipstream SP3 into your installer? Did you use nlite or ryanvm's software?
  13. Kel, i dont mean to be a pain, but you could please take a look at my ini file and see if you see any reason i'm having this problem? PS:: which SP3 release are u using to get that 3300 in the system properties? new3.zip
  14. well all be damned....hmm..does SP3 come with the latest DX9? I'm wondering if i'm overwriting something by integrating a DX9 addon during my nlite install.
  15. Please post a pic of the control panel. Also, could you send me a copy of your nlite file. Also, i am using version 3624 of SP3...i found that i had NO problems with the previous release......but i'm pretty damn sure i never got the Kel packs to work with 3624. ..hmm
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