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  1. will this work in windows 10? infact.. is this aio of any use in windows 10? (considering that it's all new, it should have all the latest libraries right?)
  2. rick is this rebuilt version no longer being maintained? i see several windows update security fixes.
  3. So..... extracted the downloaded file.... and setup.exe /x86 /x64 /trainswap /redist /passive is this right?
  4. Rick, if I were to extract the rebuilt 4.5.1 exe file and silently install how is it done now? Prior to 4.5.1 I've been doing this: "%appdir%\output\netfx_Full_x64.msi" EXTUI=1 Thanks!
  5. Are there any possible implications by not having the full .net installer saved on the hdd? There's nothing for me to stay true to, just a matter of practicality of which saves space, does the job (quicker), and cause no problem. My question for this is, there are times in XP where when some files are missing, it looks for the installer and if the installer is missing (such as when they were on an old share), it'd give a popup looking for the installer. Given there are no implications, the slim is of course the best way to go. Sorry to complicate simple matters, but it's good for me to know. Thanks!
  6. No, just wanna save installation time. Thanks Also, you have a FULL and SLIM version. SLIM which claims to have removed "unnecessary setup junk" If you call it unnecessary, why would anyone want to have the full version? Shouldn't it be natural to just release a SLIM version? What specifically has been removed which you've termed unnecessary. (In the sense, why provide a choice when everyone should just get the slim)
  7. Ricktendo, does your rebuilt installer 'install .net45 and then execute the hotfix updates individually packed in the installer' ... or ... have the updated files' replaced the 'original files' so that installation is done just once.
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