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  1. Hi there, I am using your tool for the first time and something is very confusing: in the GUI, I can select what I want. Thats OK. But in the upper left part it says "No Additional Software" By this you mean everything I select in this part will NOT be included. Is that correct? Why is it like this? Why not check everything by default and simply call it "Additional Software". The reason I am asking, I automatically got the Dutch (NL) translated GUI and I first thought the translation was incorrect because in the whole thing you must select what you DO want to have and suddenly in one part it was the other way around..
  2. Ok so I tried to do it, it works if you have 1 account and never actually use the logon interface. You see the nice logon during windows startup and shutdown. But if I only logoff, or create a 2nd account... the logon screen flickers black and grey a lot 5 times or so and then I get the classic logon (Windows NT style). So something is not correct edit: I edited your logonui by copying the Dutch textlines from my logonui to yours, it worked Had to change a few texts because it was too long and not visible on the screen.
  3. How do I edit my logonui.exe (from Dutch windows XP) to get this? I opened the Lamborghini in ResHacker and compared it with my original logonui.exe. I could export the images from the Lamb logonui and import them in the original. Then copy the script from UIFILE\1000 and compile it. Only 2 problems why I hesistate to try this: - this logonui has got more images (goes up to number 130 and also got 20001-20005) then my original logonui (goes up to image number 127). So I am afraid it won't work. - Also, when I go to image 129, Reshacker gives me an Access violation error!?
  4. Actually, it can look great! Check this out: http://somnambul.deviantart.com/art/Vista-...otskin-85538607 I just don't understand why he used the text "Starting Windows Vista" instead of "Starting Windows..." Edit: nevermind, just tested it, it does look like **** I stick with my own
  5. Hey Vishal, great guide! Do you have any idea how I can change the command executed when you click "shut down" or "log off" in the start menu? Reason I am asking is this: http://nookian.deviantart.com/art/shutoff-...ogoff-102532512 I want to hack the menu in 4 ways: - remove "Logoff" - rename Shutdown to "Logoff / Shutdown" - change the command to shutoff.exe (the app from the link) - add a button to change useraccount (if multiple accounts exist)
  6. Never mind, I figured it out will post later, you can use it if you want.
  7. I noticed the sounds used when you select the default scheme, are totally different from the original Windows Vista soundscheme I used. (from the link in my previous post). Can you add these to your addon? I tried adding them but it got kinda messy since in that pack, those sounds are also set as default sounds :S
  8. is it possible to get the theme (msstyles file) without everything else? I tried extracting it (the msstyle file and the .the file renamed extension to .theme) and applying it but didn't work.
  9. Samurize takes a lot of time configuring if you want it to be nice..
  10. Would it be possible to just extract all the .wav files to the Windows\Media folder (perhaps in subfolders, a folder per scheme) and run the inf file for the reg entries? This is the way I have always integrated vista sounds (I remove the original sounds).
  11. thanks, seems the ddf file set it to mszip. Thanks for all the help amnesia!
  12. haha thanks man I guess I edited my post while you were creating your post. I replaced all images (except 4 and 8, I have blue instead of green) because I thought there had to be something with those images see my post. I just didn't want to have 2 posts of myself. Sorry! But it worked btw since you are so kind today. I integrated my ntoskrnl.exe file in my unAttended cd i386 folder. Both files (ntoskrnl.exe and ntkrnlpa.exe) are also in the DRIVER.CAB file. So I extracted the CAB, replaced the originals with the modified versions and used Cab File Maker to compress all files back to Cab. But the resulting cab file is 26MB bigger then the original! I see LZW compression is used according to the ddf dile used by Cab File Maker, as far as I know the highest possible compression. What compression is used by the XPtsp patcher?
  13. Wow thanks amnesia! But the bootscr.res you provided only contains a few of the bitmaps and they don't have that copyleft text. And only bitmap 6 is different from my ntoskrnl.exe. I did replace that image but it had no effect. Still the
  14. This is a great customization. But I only use the bootscreen, logonscreen and shutdown dialog (ntoskrnl, ntpakrnl, msgina, logonui, and the 5 bitmaps in shell32.dll that are related to the shutdowndialogs) and the theme. Now I am interested in using this image from the XPtsp screenshot as logonscreen. It would look great on my TV for my HTPC. Can anyone tell me in wich dll this image is stored after patching? Also it would be great if the useraccounts would be placed on the dark side of that image, don't know how to do that but I'll learn btw, the bootscreen has a short copyright text. Is it possible to remove the text so that you will only see the progress bar? I tried Reshacker but couldn't find the place where this sentence is stored (I tried the version info but no luck).
  15. Whats the difference between your VistaDrive and the one I am using for a year? Mine is 177KB, it's just one file, doesn't need installation! Found it on some Russion forum, long time ago. Just place it in System32 or Windows (or like me, in Windows\Resources\Vistadrive) and your done. When you run it the first time, it will add info to the registry and startup everytime you run Windows. So to install silently, all you have to do is add this line to your regtweaks.reg file: Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run] "Vistadrv"="C:\\WINDOWS\\Resources\\VistaDrive\\vsdrv.exe"(change the path as you like). But I wonder if there is any difference in icons etc..? EDIT: Ooops very silly.. I'm at work and can't see hidden files, in my version there are indeed 26 icons I didn't include in the archive. At my work laptop, whatever I do I cant see the hidden files. So when I found your version, I thought huh, does mine .exe has the ico files built in? Ok then we probably have the same thing, only yours is more up to date. But I tested yours and didn't notice much difference, perhaps I tested wrong. I've uploaded the whole Vistadrive folder now.. VistaDrive.7z
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