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  1. Thanks. Everyone please note that the download has been moved here. The old download link still exists as of now but will be removed soon. Along with the move you can now also rate VGEXP and send VGEXP to a friend. Enjoy.
  2. Ask questions over at JCXP... ViStart is bundled with Vista Transformation Pack and most people ask problems about it either in the Windows X's Shrine forum or the VTP7 forum. But anyway, this is way better than VSE. Btw, I'll release an XML file for changing Videos to Games instead, Windows X says "games" is useless... and my current ViStart XML file is probably outdated by now...
  3. Have you even noticed "(XP Only)" sitting on both on top of the forum AND your browser window?
  4. Uhh yeah, I need regsvr32.exe, and the XP one doesn't work.
  5. Not really... for example the DLL was added in alpha 4 to fix a major bug with custom games.
  6. Go for it, but be aware I make lots of revisions xP
  7. Your choice, but VGEXP is currently in Windows Customization since other people seem to be releasing other apps there too...
  8. I guess I'm releasing it here since other people are releasing apps here too... The version outlined in this post is alpha 4. Newer versions and/or newer information will not be shown in this post. The best release of VGEXP yet. Official download XML game entires *open for contribution*
  9. Thanks but where would I release my Vista Games Explorer for XP application?.
  10. Nice, but isn't this warez? And the rules don't allow warez. O_o
  11. Anything I feel like. xP Uhh... where?
  12. Hi. Ehh OK I'll say some more.... I use Windows XP (a MCE is my main yes I'm serious), I use Vista Transformation Pack, I make apps. One app I made is Vista Games Explorer for XP (I just don't know where I can release it) Oh, and I'm 13 y.o... At least I dun talk lik dis!!!!!!!1111!!!!!!!!!111111111
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