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  1. Ok I've got english version of simobil gadget. It is original by author (simobil - mobile provider) http://files-upload.com/425982/simobil.gadget.html Oh btw... it isn't working either. I get the same error as in local language file.
  2. If that's the problem I can translate gadget into english or german but I don't know wich files to edit and if translation has something to do with code ?
  3. I've installed new sidebar and again everything is working exept simobil vodafone gadget. When I try to login using gadget I recieve error saying: "A runtime erro has occurred. Do you wish to debug? Line 54 Error: "XMLhttprequest" is undefined " this is all. And gadget isn't working. You can download gadget from http://vfjava.simobil.net/vistagadget/simobil.gadget What can I do???
  4. Ok I have installed this app and I love it! All gadgets are working well exept one And that is gadget for sending SMS through my operator website (Simobil - Vodafone - Slovenia). It is installed and shows up as it should but it doesn't work. When I enter my username and password it just says "Connecting" ("Nalagam" in Slovenian language" and it stays there. It doesn't load up. On vista was working 100% but I don't know why isn't working on XP using your app. Here is the link to offical gadget from my mobile operator: Click to Download Simobil Gadget I was hoping that someone could fix this becouse I don't know how this things work. Tnx in advance!
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