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  1. ok now im planning to make the the only vista screensaver that was not ported to XP, the logo one. ok now since they call 'port' as warez so we wont talk about them here but ill try to make an exact copy of it from scratch, that aint warez right? ok for now, all i want to know is that where can i get a good quality video of that SS? beacause i dont have vista and my PC cant handle one either so please gimme a video or something if you got one -thanks
  2. Hey Guys i Just transformed my PC to Vista but i want to know can anyone emulate the vista media center on xp like they did the sidebar ??? -thanks
  3. you were right rick, it works like a charm now thanks alot
  4. oh ok now i get the error which at the end "instability may occur" i have installed "Ricks_WLanAPI-KB918997_AddOn_v3" but i still get this problem :|
  5. i click one the VAIO included in the package but nothing happens :|
  6. ok err, im new here and i dont know jack about this side bar so can any one give detailed step by step installation guide??? -please??? -thanx -im out
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