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  1. In fact, they are not, they get moved on the same drive. Not sure how it was named i think Windows.old or something this is now where the old C:\ resides with all its files, settings etc
  2. Legolash2o, but you don't seem to have any problem with adding more Entry's with 'Silent Installer', i Guess il try to figure out why it does NOT work here as it only copys the first entry, all others get 'green' but they wont get copied. For now i tell you what mountpoint, what Main Folder there is stuff located. Windows 7 iso extracted is located in D:\Win7, install.wim is D:\Win7\sources\install.wim (obviously) I mount with DISM, dism /mount-wim /wimfile:"D:\Win7\sources\Install.wim" /mountdir:"D:\Mountpoint" /index:4 I Start W7Toolkit, Choose Silent Instaler, Add Apps, press Start, First Entry gets progressed> Yellow > turns green, instantly after all Entrys after (doesnt matter if its only 1 entry or 5 entrys etc) get Green to, and it tells me 'Save Image?' I click cancel cause i dont want that W7T unmounts my wim. Looking at D:\Win7\Apps, il get to see only One File/Folder (folder has the proper stuff in it etc so it copied exactly the way i wanted it to), But <nothing> of the other entrys got copied. This has to be some sort of bug as i can NOT get it to work, it will <never> copy the next entrys I will now try to Unmount my already mounted wim, mount it with W7T, and try it again, but i dont really want W7T to mount my wim as it doesnt mount the wim exactly there where i want, instead its always W7T/Mount (which i dont want) Edit: AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW, ITs not possible to use more than one 'Already mounted' wim as it will only display <one> and i have no idea which one cause it doesnt display that ;< Edit 2: Anyway i could only test one Wim as it didnt find my second ;( I wanted to test something out.. but oh well anyway I placed Install.wim in D:\, And Manualy chose the Win7 Folder, for some reason now it copied more than 1 entry, the second entry got progressed as well as you could see it in the status bar as well the Color, Yellow green, but it seems weird as it did: Yellow (1st entry), Yellow (2nd Entry) then Green (both) ? instead of Yellow > Green (1st), Yellow > Green (2nd) etc.. (Working, Sucess or Failure) (though im not sure if you added a Red Color or can check for Failure) for Failure you would actually have to compare both to say if something didnt get copied. Edit 3: Heck i think il get a MSN account just to have some sort of live chat with you, as this feels less awkward and 'laggy' :\ Done.
  3. yeah still but you need to think more logical, you will never be able to actually Use your image from anywhere expect from a Network boot location or Hard drive, as you can not burn it. Anyway I dont get the Purpose of Integrating 300 Background images/themes, 500 Gadgets, Removing Services and System restore and i have no idea what more you removed that doesnt benefit you at all. As the stuff you removed is so damn small and resource less compared to the stuff you added And i hope you didnt really 'remove' services but 'Disabled' many, Default image is 3gb for 64bit, 2,4?gb for 32bit, You are adding <way> to much stuff you probably don't use. As for me i have a 'Portable' Repository with 10 GB of Stuff i actually <can> use, much stuff in there is really awesome, but i have around 1 or 2gb double files i still need to cleanup, but im to lazy to, I dont plan on putting this Repository on my Win7 Image, but i keep it 'double' on Two different drives to not lose it, i have basicly no huge apps 'installed', everything is portable, reason my system is FAST, PURE, and working flawless (cause everything is portable, nothing fills my Registry with useless crap on autostart etc) i dont have any Stuff removed in windows7, i just tweak settings (not for performance, but useability), i have like... not sure 10? 'real' apps installed like Dropbox, Sandboxie, Peerblock (though not sure seems really useless, but doesnt need much resources so il keep it), VirtualBox, Foobar2000 (cause portable doesnt integrate well into W7, though not sure as im using a complete custom Entry for foobar so it doesnt really matter if its portable or not)
  4. 25gb what the, how do you plan on using it? you would need to burn it on a Blu-ray or have a 30gb external drive just to install win7 @.@, or network boot etc
  5. Tested again, still doesnt copy more than 1 entry (first entry), im using a ALREADY MOUNTED image btw but that shouldnt make a difference? Start button is greyed out after i press stop, and it doesnt get re-activated, i have to re-open the window to use it again.
  6. No, as they only say the tool can do it, but i want to know how it can do it, what it does, i just want to know, i dont want the tool to integrate it, nor do i plan to integrate it cause: Slipstream support got removed cause once you 'integrate' SP1 yourself in vista/7 you can't install the 'second' sp2 which might out two years later so its a waste of time. The only 'working' 'pseudo slipstream' is to Install 7, call OOBE, install sp1, do sysprep, boot into winpe or whatever you want, Convert the life system back into a Wim. Thats all but fast.
  7. I would still like to know how This tool actually integrates SP1, i want to know that because Microsoft removed Slipstream support for Service Packs, and i want to know in what way this tool integrates sp1, as i can't get the Content out of the SP1 installer.
  8. Well tell me how you integrated SP1, as you can not Integrate it like Updates.
  9. Installed where? Already integrated into the wim, or on your CURRENT os? If its on your current os not sure, as this should not affect anything, i also have SP1 beta installed (not on the image) I dont have a image with the service pack integrated as im using the Original rtm disc, but i wonder how i can integrate the SP into W7 as the SP is no simple .msu or anything, The only way i know so far is to actually Install it on a live system and create a wim of this system adn sysprep it, but this is all but nice.
  10. Wait.. you didnt know about that? d.d http://unattended.msfn.org/unattended.xp/view/web/18/ Have a look at this its short but explains it pretty good But you don't want to use it like this but: \$OEM$\$$\SETUP\SCRIPTS\setupcomplete.cmd this will execute this file, the file on setup complete, here you can type in the stuff you want to Start, or remove and whatever Oo
  11. Just Wondering could you actually Move the Save place to $OEM$\$$\SETUP\ Folder name.. i dunno APPS or FILES or i rather prefer FILES Anyway when does your W7TRunOnce.exe start exactly? Setup Screen, Windows logon? Cause you could instead place your W7TRunOnce.exe in that $OEM$ folder instead of having to need to add a entry into registry o.o?
  12. No i complete understood it, cause the instaler i mean needs the folders do work proper as the content is in these , The setup wont work without them, it would be a useless setup without them but like i said, it doesnt add <anything> after the FIRST entry, it doesnt matter if i tick the box or not, the first entry gets added, i see it Yellow blah bah, it gets green, al of a sudden <all> entrys get green and are finished.. guess what.. only the first entry got really added. It copies perfectly, etc but it doesnt process anymore than 1 entry here.
  13. Doesn not work proper, it only copies the First entry in the list, after that everything gets 'green' but doesnt really got added. If you click Stop, you can not Start again without re-opening the Window as the 'Start' button will be inactive. At least out of 5 trys it didnt work 5 times , doesnt matter if i use copy Folders option or not, first entry in the list gets copied, thats it
  14. Il have a look at it too, il post soon. Edit: Ok, works fine but not really at the same time? Only tested once. I have chosen a install that has many folders in its folder, Setup.exe and like 8 folders around it, but... even though both entries i added (one without copy folder one with) It only added the Simple thing without copy Folders o.o (as in, actually <nothing> got added not even setup.exe) But il retry it and edit this entry once more. Edit2: Oh well.. i can't, not at the moment as it wont let me mount anything and i can't unmount anything cause there is nothing mounted, but i can't mount cause it is mounted.. ..? Ah got it to 'unmount' proper, /cleanup-wim Anyway, for some reason the silent installer also copied W7TRunOnce.exe in my <live> system C:\Windows\System32, why? Wait.. it actually didnt really Copy it there, but <did>, for some reason it got copied there but removed again
  15. Ah still i dont exactly get why you told me about the Log thing But i removed it because it was basicly senseless as he posted a few posts back what he did, really crappy english and a little confusing but ^^
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