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  1. Since I have Technet acct, I will use 1 Ultimate x64, 2 Pro x86 and 1 Starter x86 LOL
  2. Is it possible to make this a live installer like your cpl and uber packs?
  3. Try this - do nlite, then ryanvm, then slipstream wmp11, then v'iso, then integrate drivers. Thats the order I do things and have no issues that your experiencing. Hope this helps a little.
  4. The modified ini you provided allowed the install prompt to disappear. It still makes mmm and a reboot prompt appear. How can the reboot prompt be removed also? Thanks in advance
  5. The three main bugs or glitches I have noticed are a vista orb in the right hand upper corner of folders, the windows starter edition overlay on shutdown when auto updates are ready to install, and start button clipping on fresh installs (goes away after a reboot and theme change).
  6. Hello. I just wanted to tell of a bug I recently found with this awesome addon. When you have Micro$oft auto updates enabled, and then go to shutdown the pc, and there are updates waiting to be installed, the icons are invisible (turn off, standby and restart). If you turn off auto updates, there is no issue, the icons are fine. Hopefully this is an easy fix. Thanks in advance from the 100's of people who use this addon.
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