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  1. XPtsp v3.0.0.22 I used black with original.extra and have same problem with taskmgr... however, no issue with System control panel applet with the image in the Remote tab. I am also getting this AutoIt Error at boot: Line 3031 (File "C:\Program Files\XPtsp\XPtsp.exe"): Error: The requested action with this object has failed. TaskBar says: "Repatching 1 file." I believe it is because System Restore is disabled on my system. I have never used it and don't ever plan on it... if that is the case though, is there any away to have it check before trying to do a System Restore point? Also, I hope this helps to perfect the code... ; XPtsp.au3 ; should not this... If $CAD = 1 Then RunWait("Programs\Reshacker -extract """ & $res & "\logonui.exe.res"", """ & $tmp & "\Background.bmp"", bitmap, 100,", $Working, @SW_HIDE) _ImageToBMP($tmp & "\Background.bmp", "PNG") FileMove($tmp & "\Background.png", @ProgramFilesDir & "\cad09\1920x1200.png", 1) EndIf ; be this? If $CAD = 1 Then RunWait("Programs\Reshacker -extract """ & $res & "\logonui.exe.res"", """ & $tmp & "\Background.bmp"", bitmap, 100,", $Working, @SW_HIDE) FileMove($tmp & "\Background.bmp", @ProgramFilesDir & "\CAD 2009\Background.bmp", 1) EndIf ; NB: Doug_CAD2009_AddOn_v1.1.7z (CAD2009.inf needs to be updated) ; still uses '%16422%\CAD 2009 EDITION' ; except for '%16422%\cad09' in line: 305 ; XPtsp.ini ; search and replace %Media\ with %Media%\
  2. Has anyone found a way yet? Anyways, thank you Geej for the VBScript and if you or anyone is interested I implemented into a batchfile that will search for your ShortCuts and output it to .vbs using your script as a template. This should eliminate (atleast for me) the use of alot of .inf and batchfiles. THX
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