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  1. i have already install the Alky for Applications, anything run just find but some gadget the background become pink(like my previous GPU problem).....y?
  2. the regsvr32.exe is in system32 directory, and i do the instruction u mention above, but the gadgets still got problem, so i try to register the sbdrop.dll and wlsrvc.dll but i get this 2 error (this 2 .dll files in inside system32 folder) >>LoadLibrary("sbdrop.dll") failed - the specified module cannot be found. >>LoadLibrary("wlsrvc.dll") failed - the specified module cannot be found.
  3. Hi,when i install the windows sidebar, at the end of installation i got 1 "INF install failure" error, after the installation i still able to run the windows sidebar but got problem with the CPU Meter Gadget. i already install all the things (VAIO XP. Internet Explorer 7, Windows Media Player 11, Wireless LAN API, MSXML)
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