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  1. hi peeps. im new to the site an i hope i haven't posted this in the wrong place. i have a lot of home movies of my children on dvd and decided to pep them up a bit using nero encoder. when i go to the folder where the mp4 files are i can only see 6 out of the 20 clips thumbnail images. the others just come up with the vlc logo. i have tried the registry hotfix, changing the player default programs, re-encoding the files, going through the folder options, updating nero, going through control pannels folder options, moving them all to a another folder and none of them didnt work. i just cant get my head round the fact that i can see 6 of the files and not the rest. all 20 files are in the same folder but i tried splitting them up and that did nothing either. any help would be very much welcomed. many thanks. keeny im using vista home edition
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